Commission Some Work

A project always starts with a brief and ideas…

Whatever your product requirements, Andy will take you through a 3 step creative process to make sure that your final piece is exactly what you need. 

Familiarisation – Andy will meet with you to discuss your design brief and talk through your initial ideas.   Understanding the purpose of your project and the environment in which the piece will go is extremely important for the overall success of the work, especially when working with natural, dynamic materials.   Andy will provide some initial sketches that meet your design brief and will check in with you regularly to adjust and refine the initial design until you have something you are happy with and that fulfils your criteria.

Refining – When necessary, a prototype piece will be made up so that you can see the design come to life and most importantly, identify any colour changes, modifications or adjustments you might need to make to the piece. Andy can advise on appropriate timber selection for different purposes, suitable finishing products and techniques to achieve different looks. 

Making – Once the design has been finalised, Andy will begin the manufacturing process using the highest quality materials and finishes and give you a lead time for completion of the work.

It gives me great pleasure to see the client’s vision go from some initial sketches on paper to a finished product, ready to leave the workshop.   I get a lot of satisfaction from hearing the back story behind a project and then seeing my work wherever it ends up.

Andy Walters

If you would like to get your creative process started or want to discuss your production requirements with Andy, please get in touch.